Our Services

Our Services

Investing in Education and Higher Education Development

Ensuring equitable and quality education and higher education opportunities contributes directly towards a society’s economic growth, competitiveness, and sustainable development.

Consistent with the objectives outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Kardan Group is committed to leveraging significant investments to create equitable and quality education and higher education opportunities in the emerging markets.

We build on our successful educational and academic models to identify service markets and deliver quality educational programs and initiatives, embedding technological innovation and international educational standards across the education continuum. From developing effective systems and policies to building educational infrastructures for a 21st century economy, we bring decades of experience and a competent international team to achieve the strategic objectives. Kardan Group’s investments in the English-medium, K-12 Kardan International School (KIS) in Southeast and Central Asia is a case in point. The KIS model is distinguished by being a unique education system that blends pedagogical innovation, fully digital learning and teaching approaches, and real-time student evaluation to achieve optimum learning outcomes. Leveraging institutional and external investments, we continue to explore and pursue impactful education and higher education opportunities in markets with demonstrated gap, potential and promise for the delivery of educational services.

Advancing Policy & Advocacy

We are committed to supporting and advancing critical regulatory reforms in the education and higher education sectors through constructive dialogue, evidence-based research, and technical assistance programs.

As an industry leader in the provision of private education services, we mobilize our best people and demonstrated sectoral expertise to build the staff and institutional capacities towards a strengthened regulatory environment across the education and higher education sectors.

Kardan Group’s Center for Higher Education Development (CHED) demonstrates our commitment to advancing the higher education sector strengthening. The CHED assesses and builds the institutional capacities in the higher education sector including the government, public and private sectors towards an improved and responsive regulatory environment.

Leveraging Educational Innovation

Educational institutions are a fundamental source of innovation uniquely positioned to address major societal challenges and spur economic vitality.

Kardan Group is an industry leader in designing innovative educational strategies and solutions that redefine the educational experience and outcomes. By adopting a system thinking and a multi-stakeholder engagement approach, we tap into the latest technologies, pedagogies, and solutions to shape the future of education.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to a culture of innovation across our programs and initiatives, notably demonstrated by an advanced Education Management System, Student-Centered and Outcome-Based academic programs, and comprehensive embedding of digital education systems in our schools. Further, Kardan Group is distinguished by its ability to introduce innovation and creativity across its education and academic programs, leading the way in the respective sectors as a forward-thinking, adaptive, and modernist educational entity. Explore our programs and services to learn how we are reshaping the future of education through systematic innovation.

Partnership for Educational Advancement

Kardan Group is committed to leveraging strategic partnerships to shape the future of education and higher education sectors – whether at the local, national, regional or global levels.

We mobilize our diverse network of strategic partners – donors, investors, educational leaders and administrators, government decision-makers, private sector representatives and students – to increase access to quality education opportunities in our priority programming areas.

With collaboration at the core of our mission, we strive to educate and empower children and the young generation to become productive citizens and achieve their full potential, especially in challenging socio-political contexts. Over the past 20 years, we have worked collaboratively with national and international partners to provide educational and career opportunities to more than 40,000 individuals at the school and university levels. Beyond delivering collaborative education and academic results, we have made significant impact at social, cultural, and economic spheres, emerging as one of the most prominent enablers of national development. Our partnership model emphasizes working together with accreditation entities, academic communities, government agencies, private sector firms, multilateral agencies, and international donors to promote education and academic excellence.

Our Portfolio

Our network is comprised of a diverse ecosystem of educational institutions, ranging from universities to innovative schools, united in a shared commitment to excellence in education. With a collaborative spirit at its core, our network fosters synergies between higher education and primary-secondary levels, enriching the academic journey from early learning to advanced research. Through resource-sharing initiatives, joint programs, and dynamic partnerships, we empower students, educators, and researchers to thrive in an interconnected world. Together, we embrace diversity, nurture creativity, and drive positive change, shaping the leaders and thinkers of tomorrow.

Kardan University

For over 20 years, Kardan University has been at the forefront of educating and developing Afghanistan’s workforce with talented specialists, managers and leaders. While Afghanistan enters the transformation decade, we are redoubling our efforts to equip Afghan men and women with the required skills, knowledge and confidence to lead the country through this historical transformation.

Kardan University is Afghanistan’s first private university. In September 2018, Kardan University received the Ministry of Higher Education’s national accreditation and became the top-ranking institution among both public and private universities in Afghanistan. Kardan University has received university level national accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education and program level accreditation for Faculty of Economics from IACBE.

More than ever before, Kardan University is focused on improving the quality of teaching, strengthening student services, and upgrading the University’s facilities and infrastructures. We have forged unprecedented levels of collaboration and partnership with the national and international institutions as part of our overall internationalization efforts.

Kardan Schools

Since its inception in 2009, Kardan has pioneered educational excellence, initially launching its inaugural school. Fast forward over a decade, and we've significantly broadened our scope, now offering comprehensive K-12 education through three distinguished institutions: Kardan National Boys' School, Kardan National Girls' School, and Kardan International School (KIS) – Afghanistan's trailblazing digital school.

With a collective enrollment surpassing 2,000 students, Kardan Schools have become synonymous with commitment to excellence. We pride ourselves on being trusted educational partners for parents and guardians, while simultaneously setting benchmarks as innovative leaders within Afghanistan's private primary and secondary education landscape.